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logos and branding

not a huge part of my business but I enjoy the challenge of creating a good usable logo

M + T logo


Of course I had to create a logo for our wedding!

The Old Mill Inn


Good clients of mine for many years had just taken over another local business and required a fresh look.


The resultant logo helped create their brand and now appears on wine glasses, bathrobes, umbrellas, shirts and other products, all being snapped up by happy and loyal customers.

Segway Ecosse &
Atholl Rock

Segway Ecosse already had a logo that they were happy with so I just added the 'little Segwaying dude' into the design with a view to it eventually becoming a separate element.


When they bought a climbing wall in 2014, they required a logo which showed it was still part of the Segway Ecosse family.

Forget Me Not Events

Forgot Me Not Events was formed to organise charity balls, initially for the Teenage Cancer Trust and required a simple logo for their latest event.


Some recent logos for projects still under construction

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