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models and renders

Zehnder BIM image

The office was created in Solidworks and rendered as outlined and photorealistic images with the view from the windows being added in Photoshop. Both images were then used on the web page, the outline fading out to the photorealistic image.




Bisque Zanzibar set

Paul Draper provided me with architectural plans for the hall (inspired by Bladerunner) and photographs of the room set foreground. I modelled the hall in Solidworks, rendered it out and merged this with the photograph in Photoshop to create the final image.




various room sets
2005 onwards

From time to time I am asked to model and render a complete room set to showcase a product.



valve illustrations

Images were created for Bisque & Zehnder catalogues to show how their range of valves would look on various radiators.


I have modelled all of the radiators and valves for Bisque and Zehnder which have been used on their websites and in virtual catalogues.



various renderings




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