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product design

The Topping Chair


The client contacted me to design a chair for midwives to sit on when delivering babies which would reduce knee injuries.


The client received marketing advice from De Montford University and was shortlisted for The Lord Stafford Award.


The chair appeared on BBC's The Working Lunch, in various magazines and after being granted USA and European patents is currently seeking investors for production.

saddle stool

Originally contacted by the client to redesign a wheelchair for children with cerebral palsy (an ongoing project) this stool was a byproduct.


Brief was to provide a stool that could be used in classrooms for children to sit on which would improve their posture and possibly increase their attentiveness.


The stool needed to be lightweight and stack for storage.

glass radiator

I was commissioned to design a towel rail and a method of hanging a heated glass panel on to the wall to make a heated towel radiator.


After several prototypes were made the project was eventually shelved due to costs.



banknote tray

Working with a plastics moulding company in the Midlands my brief was to design a locking tray to transport banknotes for a security company.


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