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A Fearful Frolic

The Fearful Frolic


In a quaint Scottish village nestled between rolling hills and picturesque landscapes, lived a curious little squirrel named Sammy. Sammy was unlike any other squirrel; he had an insatiable craving for adventure. While his fellow squirrels were content with gathering acorns and frolicking in the trees, Sammy dreamt of exploring the world beyond.

One brisk morning, a mysterious object caught Sammy's attention as it roared into the village. It was a shiny red motorcycle, its engine growling like distant thunder. Mesmerized, Sammy watched as a human rider clad in leather apparel gracefully maneuvered the powerful machine through the winding roads. Sammy's heart raced, and a wild idea took root in his mind – what if he could ride a motorcycle too?

With newfound determination, Sammy spent days observing the motorcyclists from the safety of the trees. He studied their every move, from the way they balanced on two wheels to how they controlled the beastly machines. Sammy's excitement grew until it couldn't be contained any longer. He decided that he would ride a motorcycle, just like the humans.

One evening, as the sun cast a warm glow over the village, Sammy discovered an abandoned squirrel-sized motorcycle near the edge of the woods. It was old and a little rusty, but to Sammy, it was a ticket to his dreams. After a bit of trial and error, he managed to figure out how to start the engine and rev it up.

With a deep breath and his heart pounding, Sammy climbed onto the tiny motorcycle. His paws barely reached the handlebars, and his tail flicked nervously. He remembered the moves he had observed so carefully – twist the throttle to go faster and squeeze the brake to slow down. Slowly, the motorcycle began to move, and Sammy's exhilaration quickly gave way to fear. The bike wobbled and swayed, and Sammy's grip on the handlebars tightened.

As he ventured onto the village roads, Sammy's excitement turned into sheer terror. The wind that once seemed invigorating now felt like a gale trying to knock him off his bike. The Scottish roads, which appeared gentle and inviting from the treetops, now seemed like a never-ending labyrinth of twists and turns. Sammy's heart raced, and he let out tiny panicked squeaks as he navigated the unfamiliar terrain.

Every corner felt like a precipice, every hill like a mountain, and every oncoming vehicle like a charging beast. Sammy's vision blurred with tears of fear, and he longed for the safety of his tree. His small motorcycle rattled, and the engine noise seemed deafening. It was nothing like the elegant dance he had witnessed from the humans.

Finally, with trembling paws, Sammy managed to bring the motorcycle to a shaky stop under a tree. He let out a sigh of relief and gazed back at the village roads he had conquered, his heart still pounding in his chest. While his adventure had been short-lived, it had given him a newfound respect for the motorcyclists who fearlessly roared through these roads every day.

With a mixture of pride and relief, Sammy parked the little motorcycle by the tree and scampered up its branches. As the sun dipped below the horizon, he curled up in a cozy nest and closed his eyes, replaying the day's events in his mind. Perhaps he had underestimated just how challenging it was to ride a motorcycle. But Sammy knew one thing for sure – his thirst for adventure was far from quenched, and he would find other ways to explore the world around him, one pawstep at a time.

A Fearful Frolic

  • Created using my imagination, AI and digital manipulation.


    The image is printed on high quality semi-gloss (satin) photo paper with an overall dimension of 210mm x 297mm (A4), with or without a mount.


    Please contact us for other sizes or framing options.

  • Prints are posted in a large card envelope and sent via the Royal Mail Tracked 24 service to UK customers.


    Please contact us for International orders.

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