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Offroad Trails & Bushy Tails

Fancy Segwaying yourself? Check out Segway Ecosse at Blair Atholl.

(You might even get me as your instructor...)


This print features in the 2024 Squirrel calendar available here.


Offroad Trails & Bushy Tails


In the heart of a lush Scottish forest, three adventurous red squirrels named Rusty, Hazel, and Bramble were feeling a surge of excitement. It was a crisp autumn day, and the trio had just stumbled upon a peculiar discovery - offroad Segways hidden beneath a canopy of ancient trees.

Eager to embark on a thrilling escapade, the trio hopped onto the mini offroad Segways, their bushy tails fluttering with anticipation. Rusty took the lead, followed closely by Hazel and Bramble. With tiny paws gripping the handlebars, they zipped through the woodland trails, the Segways effortlessly navigating the uneven terrain.

The forest echoed with the hum of the Segways and the laughter of the spirited squirrels as they raced each other, weaving between trees and leaping over fallen branches. The vibrant autumn foliage provided a breathtaking backdrop to their high-speed adventure, and the air was filled with the earthy scent of pine.

As they reached a clearing, the three friends paused to catch their breath, their cheeks flushed with excitement. They marvelled at the beauty around them, with the golden sunlight filtering through the leaves, casting a warm glow on the forest floor.

With renewed energy, Rusty, Hazel, and Bramble continued their offroad Segway exploration, discovering hidden nooks and crannies of their woodland home. The day passed in a blur of laughter and adrenaline, and as the sun dipped below the horizon, they reluctantly parked the Segways, their tiny hearts content with the memories of their offroad escapade.

Offroad Trails & Bushy Tails

  • Created using my imagination, AI and digital manipulation.


    The image is printed on high quality semi-gloss (satin) photo paper with an overall dimension of 210mm x 297mm (A4), with or without a mount.


    Please contact us for other sizes or framing options.

  • Prints are posted in a large card envelope and sent via the Royal Mail Tracked 24 service to UK customers.


    Please contact us for International orders.

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