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Par For The Course

Why not check out Blair Atholl Golf Club - a beautiful but challenging 9-hole course with a family friendly restaurant.


This print features in the 2024 Squirrel calendar available here.


Par For The Course


In the heart of the enchanting Scottish Highlands, nestled among the ancient pines, there lived a family of red squirrels. The father, a wise and spirited squirrel named Alistair McFluff, had a passion for golf that rivalled his love for nuts. His bushy tail would twitch with excitement at the mere mention of the sport.

One sunny afternoon, Alistair gathered his son, little Ewan McFluff, beneath the towering branches of their favourite pine tree. The air was filled with the sweet scent of pine needles, and the distant sound of a bubbling burn added a soothing melody to the scene.

"Listen here, Ewan," Alistair said, his Scottish burr adding a charming lilt to his words. "It's time I teach you the noble art of golf, a sport that's been passed down through generations of McFluffs."

Ewan's eyes widened with curiosity as he observed his father pulling out a set of miniature golf clubs and tiny golf balls from a hidden stash in the tree hollow.

"Now, my lad," Alistair continued, "the key to a good swing is all in the tail. Watch closely."

Alistair demonstrated a perfect swing, his fluffy tail following the motion gracefully. Ewan mimicked his father, swinging his miniature club with determination, but his tail got tangled in the process.

"Patience, Ewan! A good golfer is patient and persistent," Alistair chuckled, untangling his son's tail. "Now, try again."

For hours, father and son practised their swings, sending tiny golf balls flying through the pine-scented air. Alistair shared tales of legendary squirrel golfers and the prestigious acorn trophies they had won.

As the sun dipped below the horizon, casting a warm glow over the treetops, Alistair sat beside his son, both squirrels panting with exhaustion and laughter.

"You've got the spirit of a true McFluff, Ewan. One day, you'll make us proud on the squirrel golf course," Alistair said, ruffling his son's fur.

Par For The Course

  • Created using my imagination, AI and digital manipulation.


    The image is printed on high quality semi-gloss (satin) photo paper with an overall dimension of 210mm x 297mm (A4), with or without a mount.


    Please contact us for other sizes or framing options.

  • Prints are posted in a large card envelope and sent via the Royal Mail Tracked 24 service to UK customers.


    Please contact us for International orders.

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