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Rusty's Big Day Out

Looking for a Scotland-based photographer?

I can highly recommend my friend Richard Newton.


This print features in the 2024 Squirrel calendar available here.


Rusty’s Big Day Out


In the heart of the Scottish woodlands, there lived a spirited red squirrel named Rusty. One crisp autumn morning, he woke up with an ambitious gleam in his eyes. Rusty had recently acquired a tiny camera, a gift from his fellow woodland creatures, and he was determined to capture the beauty of the world beyond the trees.

With his camera slung over his shoulder, Rusty embarked on a daring journey to the bustling city of Edinburgh. The towering trees gradually gave way to stone buildings, and the rustle of leaves transformed into the hum of urban life.

As Rusty scampered through the historic streets of Edinburgh, he marvelled at the grandeur of the architecture and the vibrant colours of the changing leaves. The city was a treasure trove of sights and sounds, and Rusty couldn't resist capturing it all through the lens of his camera.

He climbed atop the sturdy stone walls of Edinburgh Castle, balancing precariously to get the perfect shot of the cityscape below. The bustling Royal Mile, with its cobbled streets and charming shops, provided ample opportunities for Rory to showcase his photography skills.

The red squirrel even made a few unexpected friends along the way, as curious pigeons and friendly dogs joined him in some of his snapshots. Rusty's infectious enthusiasm for photography spread to those he encountered, and soon enough, he had a small crowd of onlookers cheering him on.

As the day drew to a close, Rusty headed back to the woodlands with a heart full of joy and a camera filled with memories. The photos he took became cherished mementos, preserving the beauty of Edinburgh through the lens of a red squirrel's adventurous spirit. And so, with a newfound appreciation for the world beyond the trees, Rusty the red squirrel continued to capture the magic of his woodland home and the enchantment of the city he had explored.

Rusty's Big Day Out

  • Created using my imagination, AI and digital manipulation.


    The image is printed on high quality semi-gloss (satin) photo paper with an overall dimension of 210mm x 297mm (A4), with or without a mount.


    Please contact us for other sizes or framing options.

  • Prints are posted in a large card envelope and sent via the Royal Mail Tracked 24 service to UK customers.


    Please contact us for International orders.

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