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Vintage Corona Typewriter Lamp

This cute little portable Corona 'Improved Model 3' folding typewriter dates from the 1920s (serial no. X644973). This was the smallest and lightest mass-market typewriter ever made and has a unique folding carriage. It had recently emerged from a local private collection where it had been stored for decades in a clean condition. This one differs from the vast majority that were manufactured from 1912 until 1941 because of its gold crackle-effect front panel. To compliment this, I covered the routed edges of the wooden base with gold leaf before spraying the whole base with a textured satin black paint. Once dry, I removed some of the paint on the edges to let a little of the gold underneath shine through.

width: 30cm
depth: 34cm
height: 44cm

The dimmable 40W Edison bulb screws into a black  bakelite E27 pendant fitting. This was bought pre-wired into 2m of gold fabric braided cord complete with black 3-pin plug and black dimmer switch so has no need to be PAT tested again. (The cord length from the rear of the lamp is about 1.25m.) The cable assembly is secured to the scissor arms with custom made resin printed cable clamps.

I am not a typewriter specialist, and although no modifications are made to the typewriter during its conversion to this lamp, I can not comment on the usability of it as I did not test it. 
I am a simple man - I see pretty thing, I light it! Actually, it is a bit more than that - I have made it my mission to take things that are normally hidden away in storage cases in attics or under beds and put them on everyday display to provoke memories and start conversations....

If you have any queries at all about the lamp or would maybe like to see it with a different style of bulb fitted, please feel free to drop me a message.

Vintage Corona Typewriter Lamp

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