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Vintage Everest Mod 90 Typewriter Lamp

This stylish Everest Mod 90 portable typewriter dates from the 1950s. The glossy black finish and chrome, glass-topped keys reflect the glow of the LED ring lamp beautifully when illuminated.

width: 34cm
depth: 45cm
height: 45cm

The 6W 140mm diameter USB powered ring lamp has 3 colour lighting modes (cool white/warm white/daylight) and 10 different levels of brightness.

I am not a typewriter specialist, and although no modifications are made to the typewriter during its conversion to this lamp, I can not comment on the usability of it as I did not test it.
I am a simple man - I see pretty thing, I light it! Actually, it is a bit more than that - I have made it my mission to take things that are normally hidden away in storage cases in attics or under beds and put them on everyday display to provoke memories and start conversations....

If you have any queries at all about the lamp, please feel free to drop me a message.

Vintage Everest Mod 90 Typewriter Lamp

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