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Woodland Glow

Would you like your own Glen Banvie Woods candle?

Available now from our good friends at Highland Glow Candle Co.


This print features in the 2024 Squirrel calendar available here.


Woodland Glow


In the heart of Glen Banvie, where the ancient trees whispered tales of seasons past, two red squirrels named Rosie and Rusty scampered among the fallen leaves. As the crisp winter air settled in, the duo felt a chill that nipped at their fur.

One evening, as the moon cast a gentle glow upon the woodland floor, Rosie had an idea to bring warmth to their cosy nest. With twinkles in their eyes and determination in their tiny paws, the two friends set out to create a special candle.

At dawn the next morning, Rusty and Rosie scurried through the woods, gathering supplies. In the warmth of a sunlit patch, they created a plant based wax, carefully mixing it with a blend of fragrant pine needles and a hint of wildflower petals. Rusty fashioned a wooden wick from a small branch while Rosie poured the wax into a discarded tin. Their teamwork created a unique masterpiece, a candle infused with the essence of the woods.

Under the canopy of ancient oaks, they worked together, sharing stories and laughter as they assembled their woodland masterpiece. Once the candle was ready, Rosie and Rusty positioned it in their nest, and with a flick of Rusty's tail, the delicate flame danced to life.

As the soft glow illuminated their cozy abode, the warmth enveloped them like a comforting embrace. The scent of pine filled the air, creating a haven amidst the winter chill. Rosie and Rusty nestled close, their tails wrapped around each other, basking in the gentle radiance of their homemade candle.

Through the long winter nights, the flame flickered, casting shadows that told tales of friendship and ingenuity. Rosie and Rusty, snug in their nest, cherished the simple joy of warmth and companionship in the heart of Glen Banvie's enchanted woods.



Woodland Glow

  • Created using my imagination, AI and digital manipulation.


    The image is printed on high quality semi-gloss (satin) photo paper with an overall dimension of 210mm x 297mm (A4), with or without a mount.


    Please contact us for other sizes or framing options.

  • Prints are posted in a large card envelope and sent via the Royal Mail Tracked 24 service to UK customers.


    Please contact us for International orders.

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